Ceiling Repairs & New Ceiling Installations Pretoria

As a professional Ceiling Repair & New Ceiling Installation Company in Pretoria, we offer ceiling solutions for residential, commercial as well as industrial buildings.



A ceiling is the overhead interior surface that seals the upper limit of a room, which is generally installed as a finished surface concealing the underside of the floor or roof structure above.

Should you require brand new ceilings, we will do the ceiling board installations and then plaster and paint as per your requirements.

This will then be professionally finished off with cornices.

We also do ceiling repairs and maintenance.

In addition to residential ceilings, we do new ceiling installations and repairs for offices and commercial buildings too.

We specialize in

all types of residential ceiling installations:

Ordinary ceilingsThis type of ceiling can be fitted in any room, but is a very ordinary ceiling and the cheapest option to install.
Plastered ceilingsOnce the ceiling installation has been completed, the ceiling is plastered with Rhinolite. This type of ceiling is mostly fitted in entertainment areas and main bedrooms. It is more expensive, but adds value to your home.
Nutec ceilings where water could be a problemSpecial materials are used on ceilings where water could cause problems such as under tin roofs.
PVC ceilingsThis is a more commercial type of ceiling which is often fitted in kitchens and bathrooms because of its clean and neat appearance. Suspended ceilings do not require painting.

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Read some FAQs about commercial and residential Ceiling Repairs & New Ceiling Installations.

How to decide on which type of ceiling to use?

Nutec (Fibre Cement) ceilings are mostly for external use due to being water-resistant. ISO board ceilings are for internal and external use, this type of ceiling consists of a rigid extruded Polystyrene foam, with excellent thermal insulation, and mostly used as extra insulation. Normal Rhino board ceilings are used internally and is the most cost effective solution that can be installed with strips or Rhinolite, which will give it an expensive look.

All the above ceilings would require painting to complete the installation process.

The last type of ceiling is PVC ceilings with a sheen finish that doesn’t require any painting, used interior.

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