The value of having quality roof waterproofing

Why do you have to repair your roof so often? The answer is simple, the work wasn’t done properly in the first place.

A lot of the time property owners go the cheapest route choosing the option that is most convenient to them at the time, thinking they will save money by doing this, not realising that they will have to pay for their mistakes many times over in the future. Going for the cheapest option regretfully nearly always backfires.

Unfortunately roof waterproofing membrane can become damaged over time, like any other material thing, either by excessive exposure to the sun or during prolonged periods of bad weather.

Your roof is the first in line to protect you and your family from the damp, rain and moisture, so why not protect it back? Waterproofing your roof is an investment and bad waterproofing results in your property’s devaluation.

Imagine hearing a creak in your attic. You investigate – there’s a leak and patches of damp and rotten material on the ceiling. Not only will this inconvenience you but it also poses a health hazard to everyone in your home.

Next, imagine selling your property. You have the valuator come over to inspect and value your home but he or she finds that the materials are in a state of deterioration  and informs you that the house cannot be sold until it is repaired, often at considerable cost.

Here are 6 points to keep in mind when needing to waterproof your roof…

  1. Avoid cheap waterproofing, when planning or building your new home. Ensure that you make the investment by doing it properly – this will decrease the amount you spend on repairs in the future.
  2. Get an experienced company to do your waterproofing for you. This will cost you more money but it will ensure that the work is done properly the first time around.
    Bad waterproofing decisions turn out to be costly and the company should know what material is suitable for your property. They should also inform you of which route to take and which options you have.
  3. The company should also be an expert in the design, selection and application process of roof waterproofing.
  4. You may feel like you are saving by going for the cheaper option, but in the end you spend a lot more than what you would have if you did it properly the first time by fixing bad waterproofing. If you pay little to nothing to get the job done, you will get little to nothing in return. This relates to all services.
  5. Your property’s value will be negatively affected if the waterproofing was not done correctly.
    You could be living in the most expensive neighbourhood, with the average house selling for a particular price, however,  once your home is valued and there are waterproofing issues, it could be worth significantly less.

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